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Alcohol content:
44% vol.

Bourbon, sugar, cocktail bitters, absinthe

The Sazerac is closely related to the Old Fashioned due to its structure and ingredients. This classic was created in the Sazerac Bar in New Orleans at the beginning of the 20th century. It is a little less well-known, but in terms of taste it is completely on a par with the Old Fashioned. Personally, we would recommend the Sazerac to the more experienced cocktail drinker, while the Old Fashioned is a good introduction to the world of classic cocktails.

Tasting notes:
Very balanced with a spicy note from the absinthe. A pleasant mildness from the bourbon, which makes it accessible and digestible.

Serving suggestion:
Pour the Sazerac into a tumbler with ice, stir briefly and spray with a lemon zest. If there is an absinthe in your bar, we recommend that you swirl the glass around a little and you will get a wonderful emphasis on the spice.

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