Although alcohol has no expiry date, we still recommend enjoying our cocktails up to 2 years after the production date. Since some of our ingredients are volatile or can oxidize, the cocktails should be drunk up to 6 months after opening.


We only work with very high quality ingredients. Many come from Swiss distilleries that we know and appreciate. If you would like more information about individual products, you can contact us at any time.


All you need to prepare our cocktails is a glass and some ice. All of our recipes are filled undiluted. The bottles should therefore be stored at room temperature even when opened. If the cocktails are then poured over ice, you can add a little water. You can find decoration suggestions for the respective product.


We offer our cocktails in 50cl bottles. We recommend serving around 7-8 cocktails from this. Some of our cocktails are also available in 20cl bottles, which makes 2-3 servings.


From an order value of 100.00 we deliver free of charge throughout Switzerland and Liechtenstein. As a rule, we send orders received by 11 a.m. on the same day via Post-Economy. If delivery times are longer, we will inform you by email or telephone.