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Salomon - NZZ X The Cocktail

Salomon - NZZ X The Cocktail

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Alcohol content:
28.6% vol

Gin, vodka, bitters, vermouth, lime

The cocktail was named after Salomon Gessner, founding father of the NZZ and an important Zurich veteran. That was also the idea of ​​the cocktail. An institution as important as the NZZ appeals to a wide variety of people. This is also how the NZZ's signature cocktail should come along. A strong individual character, paired with accessible notes, formed into an overall picture that challenges many senses. We owe the creation of this cocktail to none other than Christian Heiss, head of the Kronenhalle Bar.

Tasting notes:
A strong short drink for young and old. Like almost all of Christian Heiss's recipes, it shines through its balance. The herbal bitter notes, a warm sweetness and the power of vodka and gin come into their own in equal parts.

Serving suggestion:
It is best to stir the cocktail over cold ice and strain it into the appropriate cocktail glass. Alternatively, it can of course also be served directly over ice in a tumbler.

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