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Piet – Fondation Beyeler X The Cocktail

Piet – Fondation Beyeler X The Cocktail

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Alcohol content:
19.1% vol.

Genever, whiskey, lime, Earl Gray tea

We were able to create the "PIET" and bring it into the bottle at the opening of the exhibition about Piet Mondrian at the Fondation Beyeler.
We used genever because of Mondrian's origins. Complemented with lime and an Earl Gray Cordial, the result is a wonderfully round and fresh combination. But because balance plays a big role in Mondrian's pictures, we added a small spray bottle with a very smoky whiskey. This is sprayed over the cocktail before serving and gives a smoky note to the nose, which is then "relativized" or brought into balance by the freshness with the first sip.

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