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Dürrenmatt - Special Edition - Schauspielhaus Zurich X The Cocktail

Dürrenmatt - Special Edition - Schauspielhaus Zurich X The Cocktail

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Alcohol content:
36% vol

Single malt whiskey, vermouth, orange

We are extremely proud and happy that this beautiful bottle is here after a long creation phase! Many thanks to Silvan Gisler and the entire team behind the piece "The old lady's visit" for the trust and the wonderful cooperation.

Christian Heiss, bar manager at the Kronenhalle Bar, created the “Dürrenmatt” drink as a homage to the Swiss playwright and writer Friedrich Dürrenmatt: On the way to his favorite restaurant, Friedrich Dürrenmatt stopped at the Diogenes publisher Daniel Keel and drank a whiskey. When he arrived at the restaurant, he remained loyal to Bordeaux. The master mixologist then transformed this ritual into this cocktail. Whiskey meets vermouth.

Anyone who orders a “Dürrenmatt” can get this drink in the Kronenhalle Bar. The two restaurateurs Jessica Kollar and Kaspar Fenkart from The Cocktail have packed the recipe in a bottle. In collaboration between The Cocktail, Schauspielhaus Zurich and Studio Laurenz Brunner, the Dürrenmatt Schauspielhaus Special Edition was designed and produced.

Friedrich Dürrenmatt's drama "The Visit of the Old Lady" is also a comedy and aims to stimulate critical reflection on circumstances. In that sense: cheers!

Drink: The Cocktail Jessica Kollar & Kaspar Fenkart
Design: Sylvan Lanz, Studio Laurenz Brunner
Concept: Silvan Gisler, Schauspielhaus Zurich
Photo: Marie-Christine Gerber
Screenprint: Nella Lombardi

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