ADA - Adaptogene Drinks für die alkoholfreie Zeit

ADA - Adaptogenic drinks for the alcohol-free period

Our main business is creating and bottling cocktails with alcohol. But we are also big fans of non-alcoholic drinks. Above all, I think the drinking flow and the mouthfeel are important. If I want to drink an alternative to a cocktail, it's not a soda. It's a drink that I can "sip" and that triggers the effect of a reward or ritual in the brain. That's why, in my opinion, there are big differences between non-alcoholic drinks.

The founder of ADA sees it exactly that way and therefore asked us if we would like to advise the start-up and develop the recipes for the cocktails. Said and done. And that's why you can now enjoy our adaptogenic recipes.

Would you like to know more about what adaptogens are?
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