We have been behind the counter for years. We have mixed, stirred and shaken thousands of cocktails. Classics as well as our own creations. So that you can enjoy them at home, we have bottled our favorite drinks ready to drink. All you need is a glass, a few ice cubes and your favorite cocktail is ready.

We hope you enjoy and enjoy our selection.

Jessica Kollar and Kaspar Fenkart

Jessica & Kaspar


comes from art to gastronomy. She worked in various galleries in Zurich and Berlin and completed a bachelor's degree in cultural studies in Maastricht with a focus on communication. She has been a passionate host at the Central Bar in Zurich since 2014. Here she not only deals with classic drinks, but also creates her own, new, surprising cocktails. 'The Cocktail GmbH', which she co-founded in 2017, now benefits from this many years of experience: she is the nose and palate of the cocktail team.


has worked in various positions in the catering industry since his cooking apprenticeship at Zurich's Kronenhalle: in service at Höhe Zollikon, in the kitchen with Markus Gass in the Adler Hurden or in the Restaurant Josef, as an operating assistant in a company in the Bindella Group and as chef de Bar in the Hotel Greulich. From 2010 to 2021 he ran the Sport Bar and since 2013 also the Central Bar in Zurich District 4. In 2017 he founded “The Cocktail GmbH” together with Jessica Kollar, which bottles high-quality cocktails ready-mixed, and two years later with Marius Frehner the Wermut Production GmbH .