Markt vs. Online-Shopping

Market vs. online shopping

Do you buy groceries and everyday items online or do you go to a store? Or to the market?

We are big fans of shopping at the market. The atmosphere, the products, the producers and actually you can find 90% of what you need there.

Some time ago we decided to offer our cocktails on larger platforms in order to make your weekly shopping a little more convenient, which we don't have on the market. So next time you forget something or need to add something, you can find our cocktails on the following platforms:

Here you can get our cocktails delivered directly with your weekly shopping...

Almost everything, for almost everyone. As the largest Swiss online department store, Galaxus is setting new standards in many areas. We are pleased to be part of this impressive selection!

In addition to beautiful design objects from all areas, physical well-being is also not neglected here.

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